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We've had such a response from readers in other countries, curious about kids masks and vaccine news, we decided to share our research, backed by Centers for Disease Control guidance, on school masks and kids masks, in other languages, in a searchable format, to help guide you. 


Of course, please refer to your local guidance in your country or region regarding children's health news and school updates.  We will add links to shopping available to you, online, as quickly as we can.  We hope our guide, based on guidance from medical experts and the CDC is useful to you!  You can use the search box above to find what you are looking for, or browse from the categories, provided:

Kids Masks Categories

For Parents, Teachers, Grandparents and Caregivers:

The new guidance recommends the best mask that you can find.  While our focus is on kid's health, we agree with experts on finding a trustworthy distributor when buying a mask for ourselves.  Our researchers found some less than reliable sellers online, however, we did like the 3M filter mask we found on the 3M Store on Amazon and it is our preferred choice, when available, for fit, comfort and safety; We suggest you look for the best fit for yourselves and confirm seller ratings to ensure authenticity or buy directly from 3M:

3M Mask on Amazon


What's the difference between a KN95, KF94, KN94 and a child filter mask?

With all the changing guidance and the return to the classroom, you may be wondering how these names in filter masks are different and if it matters at all for your child to have a filter mask.  The experts still agree that the best mask is a mask that your child will wear, but we found this older article on Salon useful: 


The article clearly breaks down the meaning of the different filter mask names, explains the differences among these mask types and how to check for authenticity:

Salon Article on Filter Masks

Please refer to the CDC website for their most current guidance on masks. 


The updated 2022 guidelines also note the different types of filters available and remind to check for authenticity.  We hope you find this helpful: 

CDC's Summary of Recent Changes

Kids Filter Face Masks

Some of the latest recommendations have included masks with filters to keep everyone safest at school.  This has been re-emphasized as a top choice as of 2022 for everyone.  However, experts also recommend that the best mask is the one that your child will wear.  Some may find specialty filter masks may not be the easiest choice for their kids.


*CDC guidance and local school mask rules are continually updating, but a cloth mask with filter insert pockets is a great reusable kids' mask option, if pediatric face masks, KF94 masks, child size KN95 masks and child N95 masks are hard to buy.

** The CDC also suggests that a disposable mask may be worn under a cloth mask as a filter when a filter mask is not available.

For the latest updates, please see their web page on the latest mask guidance


Kids KN95 Filter Face Masks



These masks are advertised on the Vida site as "FDA Registered with KN95 Protection and have been a top mask among masks recommended by experts and parents.

10     $35

Vida Website

Vida Store, Amazon

Well Before

Kids (Petite Faces) KN95: Described as: "Adjustable, idividually wrapped, different sizes available, 3D style with adjustable ear loops, minimum order 10 masks, payment installments available."

1     $1.49

Discount: Promo price on Well Before Website

Well Before Website


These masks are described as having up to 99% filtration, with breathable, ear-loops, adjustable nose and are individually packaged.

300      $810

Discount: 10% off first order

AireTrust Nano Mask for Kids - 4C Air



Kids KN94 Filter Masks


Described as: approved by KFDA (KF94 / KF80)


  • Premium 4 layers of filters

  • Blocks over 94% of 0.4µm size particles.

  • Ultra-light and easy to breathe

  • Ergonomically designed – comfortable fit, folding type

  • Stable nose support – Anti-slip/Anti-fog."

10      $25

20      $45

Discount: Bulk prices available

Blue Website

Kids Filter Face Masks, General

Vida Store, Amazon

These masks are advertised on the Vida Amazon Store site as having a PM2.5 FILTER: 5-layered filter, including two layers of meltblown polypropylene and an integrated pocket for easy filter replacement. The masks fit universal size PM2.5 filters and are made of 100% cotton with an adjustable strap and integrated metal nose-piece.

1      $8.00-$10.00

2      $18.00

Vida Store, Amazon

Happy Mask

Pro Series:

This mask has ananofiber membrane filter tested by Nelson Labs USA to provide over 99.9% filtration. The 'parrot beak” shape leaves extra space in front of your nose and mouth and it has at least 50 washes, ear straps and an adjustable nose wire.  The design has hand-sewn trim that adds extra durability and security, a snug fit, quick-dry fabric,and is washable by hand."

1     $24.00

Happy Mask Website


Happy Mask

Base Series:

"Parrot beak” shape leaves extra space in front of your nose and mouth,

a nanofiber membrane filter uniquely developed to maintain efficacy for at least 50 washes, enabling it to be sewn-in and provide full coverage spanning the entire shape of the mask, a nanofiber membrane with a wafer thin and lightweight profile,

ear straps and an adjustable nose wire ensure a perfect fit for a variety of face shapes.

Good for approximately 180 hours. Described as a comfortable fit for those with sensory issues."

1      $19.00

Happy Mask Website


Described by The New York Times as having a "built-in filter, lightweight, well fitting, and machine-washable."

1     $17.00

Sign up on their website for their password

Enro Website


Kids Cloth Filter Pocket Insert Face Masks


Kids Contour Mask with Filter Pocket (3-Pack)

This mask is described as having triple layers, an adjustable ear piece, ear straps and nose piece and the design includes a contour filter pocket and is reusable.

3      $18.00

Discount: See Promo Code on Gap Website, 10% of

Gap Website

Toddler Filter Face Masks

Well Before 

The Kids (Petite Faces) KN95 is described as adjustable, individually wrapped, with different sizes available; it is in a 3D style with adjustable ear loops, with a minimum order 10 masks. Bulk purchase and payment installments are available.

1     $1.49

Well Before Website



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